Of course you can! Before each session, we organize several introductory sessions. These introductory classes are an opportunity to discover pole and/or aerial hoop as well as the studio. If you miss the initiations, you can still come and try out a class during the first 3 weeks of the session.

We operate in sessions of 10 courses over 3-4 months. New sessions start in September, January and April.

All registrations are made directly online via the Eversport application. Just download the application and search for the studio of your choice, then you'll see all the classes by studio, with times and prices... You can choose the formula that suits you best (card of 5, 10 or 20 lessons). Once you've paid, you can sign up for the various activities.

!!!!!! You need to register individually for each class you wish to attend !!!!!!! For example, if you register on a Monday at 6pm, you are not automatically registered for all Mondays at 6pm. You must reserve each slot individually.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to join a beginner group during a session. We want to support you as best we can, and this is complicated when there are big disparities in level within a group. For the best possible support, beginners are not allowed to join groups during the session. For other levels, it's possible, but it's best to contact us by e-mail!

Sessions last 10 lessons and are spread over 3 to 4 months.

It all depends on your level and your sporting background! If you're a beginner, one class a week is enough at first, as you need to give your body and skin time to get used to this new effort, but you can work on your flexibility and do some strengthening in addition to your pole/ hoop class.

If something comes up, you can cancel and pick up your lesson if you cancel 24 hours before the start of the lesson. To do this, go to the Eversport app, in the "My bookings" tab, and click on "Unsubscribe from activity". If you don't cancel at least 24 hours before the start of the lesson, the lesson will be deducted from your card as if you had taken part.

If the course is cancelled at least 24 hours before it is due to start, your course will be credited back to your card. In the event of injury or long-term illness, the card's validity date may be extended on presentation of a medical certificate.

Yes, all cards are valid in all 3 studios (Mérode - Thieffry - Ixelles).

For the best possible support from the teacher and for better group cohesion, we advise you to come regularly at the same times. If your schedule doesn't allow it, you can come at different days/times each week.

 Class organization:

No! it's true that the videos and photos you see may seem impressive, but we learn everything together from the start, at your own pace. You don't need strength or flexibility to start, just the desire to try!

For pole dancing, you'll need to have your skin in contact with the bar to adhere to it, so we recommend short shorts and a t-shirt. To avoid slipping, avoid moisturizing your skin before class; and don't forget to remove your rings and bracelets, as they damage the bars.

For the aerial hoop, you can wear leggings and a T-shirt.

Most courses are given in French. Silvia and Mary give their lessons in English (you can set a filter on the eversport app to see their lessons directly). The other teachers give their lessons in French, but can adapt to you and explain in English if you need.

If the warm-up is already well under way when you arrive, the teacher may refuse you access to the class for safety reasons. The warm-up is really important to reduce the risk of injury; it's an integral part of the class and you can't miss it.


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