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Take the first step towards a new professional adventure in the captivating world of pole dance. Turn your passion into expertise and become a certified pole dance instructor. 

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Training to Become a Pole Dance Teacher

Pole dancing is growing by leaps and bounds, and there are more and more teachers, but many of them sometimes feel helpless and feel the need to acquire knowledge in the field of pole and sport in general. We wanted to respond to this need, by offering a practical and theoretical training course providing directly applicable tools in the field - a first in Belgium!

 Training Modules

The course is divided into two modules. Module 1 certifies beginners and Module 2 certifies intermediate levels 1 and 2.

It is not compulsory to take part in both modules, but it is compulsory to start with module 1.

 Target audience

The course is open to anyone wishing to acquire new knowledge in pole dance pedagogy. Experienced teachers wishing to perfect their skills, or those aspiring to become teachers!

A minimum level of inter 2 is required to take part in the course.

  Session calendar

Each level of training takes place over a full weekend, with two sessions organized each year for each level.

Check our news for upcoming training dates.


All training sessions take place in our Ixelles studio. 


Our training course is certified by POSA federation, guaranteeing official recognition of your skills.

A diploma is awarded to each participant who successfully completes the course.



Registration is by e-mail only. To guarantee quality training, the number of places is limited.



The course costs €750 per module. Payment can be made in 4 instalments.

Full Training Program

Module 1 :

  • General presentation of pole dance as a sporting discipline.
  • Analysis of skill progression, from learning basic movements to mastering advanced figures.
  • Study of the fundamental anatomical principles involved in pole dancing. 
  • Study the biomechanics of specific movements, focusing on understanding forces and tensions.
  • Identifying potential risks associated with pole dancing.
  • Implementation of prevention protocols, including specific strengthening and stretching exercises.
  • Development of coaching skills to guide and motivate students.
  • Learn how to tailor your teaching to your students' individual needs.
  • Effective communication and class management.
  • Techniques to prepare the body and minimize the risk of injury.
  • Development of a complete warm-up program adapted to pole dance.
  • Detailed learning of beginner-level tricks, including possible variations. 
  • A didactic approach to teaching newcomers effectively.

Module 2 :

  • Deeper anatomical knowledge of pole dancing.
  • In-depth understanding of the muscle groups involved.
  • Mastery of inter 1 tricks.
  • Advanced teaching techniques for this level. 
  • Creation of targeted reinforcement exercises to prepare students for these new figures.​
  • Mastery of inter 2 tricks.
  • Advanced teaching techniques for this level. 
  • Creation of targeted reinforcement exercises to prepare students for these new figures.​
  • Analysis of risks specific to intermediate levels.
  • Development of adapted prevention protocols, incorporating specific strengthening exercises.
  • Identify the causes of forearm pain, often encountered in pole dancing.
  • Integration of stretching and strengthening exercises to minimize discomfort.
  • Understanding the principles of programming to structure coherent, progressive courses. 
  • Practical example: planning a month's course to teach a specific figure, including the learning sequence and preparatory exercises. 


Charlotte Dardenne

After 10 years of artistic gymnastics, Charlotte coached young gymnasts for 3 years. She then discovered pole dance and began teaching the discipline in 2018. She founded Full Moon Studio in 2020. She trained the teachers who work in her studios, but the desire to provide them with more solid practical and theoretical training was soon felt, and that's how this training project to become a pole dance teacher was born!

Victor Depasse

Victor has been an osteopath and trainer in the paramedical field for 4 years. Passionate about sport, he decided to specialize in this field. He brings his expertise in injury prevention, sports physiology and biomechanics.

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