Welcome to Full Moon studio

The Full Moon Studio is a pole dance & aerial hoop school located in Brussels (Mérode - Thieffry - Ixelles). 

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, our studio offers you a unique experience: classes for all levels, in a caring environment, with a team of trained and passionate teachers.

Our values are audacity and performance (we want to help you get out of your comfort zone and push back your limits); respect and benevolence (our classes are safe places, you come as you are and with the level you have, there's no judgment from either the teacher or the other students. Whatever your level, our teachers will accompany you as you progress, at your own pace); and self-fulfilment (whether you're here to perform or to distract yourself after a day's work, our aim is for you to blossom). 

Let's fly together.

Initiation session for beginners

Want to discover pole dancing and/or aerial hooping? Join us for one of our introductory sessions from April 1 to 15!  

To find out all the dates and register, simply download the Eversport app, search for "Full Moon Studio" and select the studio of your choice. Move forward in the calendar and reserve the slot of your choice.